At last, a hybrid sight that will give you infinite adjustability for all terrain.

     How is that done? First, sight-in from the treestand with the lever set and marked no more than 1/3 up (the full instructions must be followed).   This will be your treestand mark and for 30 yards on the ground also.  Then on the ground, using the lever adjustment, zero in at 20 yards and mark your indicator tape (30 yards will be automatic). 

     Next shoot and mark at 35, 40, 50, etc. to whatever.  Since there is an automatic pendulum stop for shooting uphill, your ground marks will be accurate uphill too.   Now you need to extend the accurate range for the treestand and downhill.   Since the Predator IV system will give you quite a good accurate range already, (it will vary with arrow speed of the individual bow), and you must find out what it is yourself.  (Generally, 240 fps will give you around 30 yards, 260 fps 32, 270 about 35 yards etc.)  But if you are shooting a 3-D course or going to the mountains for elk or mule deer, you will want to be accurate past 55 yards downhill.  You zero in and mark your tape accordingly for extended ranges other than what the sight will already compensate for.  

     Some hunters use this sight for hunting on the edge of food plots. Quite often the deer will enter from the other sides of the plot and browse around out in the field in long ranges. The 3-D All Terrain Sight is perfect for that condition.

     Just remember that in the treestand or downhill the lever must be at initial setting first established within normal range.