About Us

     Predator Products Co. is a small family business started by Lou Pomaville, the inventor of the Predator IV Pendulum sight. Being in his mid 50's at the time, has a long background in customer service and a strong believer that a satisfied customer is the best advertisement. To this end, we will make the best quality product possible, insure that we are available to answer any questions you have regarding sighting in and accuracy expectations, and will ship any service parts that may be required.  During non business hours your calls will be forwarded and be answered in the evenings and week ends if I am at home. My reply to messages left on the recorder may be returned in the evening or week ends.

Area Served

     The Predator IV and other innovative archery products are distributed nationally and they are in most mail order hunting catalogs. Any archery dealer may order them from their archery distributor. If you wish to order direct from Predator Products Co. for accessories or service parts, call Toll free: (877) 607-0381 - We take all major cards and fast service is assured.