Camcorder Bracket

  • Replaces stabilizer on any bow
  • Made of light aluminum and steel springs
  • Fastens in seconds without tools
  • Shock absorbing action and vibration dampening padding

  • Lifetime warrantee on any part
  • Fits any camcorder, any bow
  • It is eight inches long and weighs six ounces


Now you can hunt and record at the same time. Don't miss the action because your hunting buddy did.  Record it yourself without cumbersome tree mounted brackets that you would have to adjust with the movement of the deer.

See actual action film footage taken on the Camcorder Bracket



Deluxe Model #2000


Economy Model #2001

Includes a quick coupler and extra male brass nut for your stabilizer to change over in seconds without tools.


This unit attaches directly to the bow with a "T" knob using a standard

5/16" fine threaded stud to attach into the stabilizer point.