The Starlite pin has 10 inches of Truglo .040 fiber optic filament. It will collect light and project it to the pin tip in extreme low light conditions. The tip will be dim but visible enough to shoot accurately in the condition where if it were any darker you would not be able to see the deer.







     The protection pouch is made of bright hunters orange so if dropped anywhere it would be highly visible to be found easily.  More important this pouch will fit over almost any sight  so when used you can go through brush or while pulling the bow up to your treestand branches will not get into your sight to ruin your precious pins and the hunt.  This is very cheap insurance against that.



Perfect Circle Peep


     The perfect circle peep is designed specifically to match the circular guard for higher degree of accuracy rather than trying to center the pin – which takes more time and concentration.  In low light conditions - centering the pin is impossible due to lack of light.  The Predator IV sights use the patented glow-guard for accurate alignment in low light.










     The perfect circle is produce to give a circular view on all bows down to 30 inch ATA, even short bows with severe string angles.