Anyone can hang a pin on a swing and call it a pendulum sight. 

But only one can claim all these features below. 

     Patented in 1994, the PREDATOR IV is still the most advanced bowhunting sight ever designed!! No other system has five means of adjustment that tune the sight exactly to each bow's shooting trajectory;

1)  Arrow speed adjustment.
2)  Windage adjustment.
3)  Over all elevation adjustment.
4)  Mid-range adjustment.
5)  The short range pendulum stop.

     Then, all bows will automatically be on at 30 yards on the ground with no locking mechanism and it has an auto-stop for shooting up hill.

     Predator IV treestand bow sights are a super smooth true pendulum sight, with stainless ball bearings used at the pivot point and therefore - no noise! Sturdy rugged construction with aluminum extruded bracket and dovetail assembly parts.  Black anodized for corrosion resistance.  The guard is made with the latest composite material in the plastic industry - Cyrex.  It is more impact resistant than polycarbonate. 

     All are equipped with a custom made TRUGLO fiber optic pin.  The latest update to the system is the Starlite Pin with 10” of fiber optic filament.  It makes the lighted option obsolete.  In low light the pin tip is dim but visible enough to shoot accurately in low light conditions to a point that if it were any darker you would not be able to see the deer.  (See more information on the Starlite Pin below)

     The guard isn’t semi round for looks.  It is used to align the edge inside the peep.  Without the Glo-in-the-dark edge on the guard you would not be able to accurately align the two in low light conditions.  This is a patented part of the Predator IV system.

     All Predator IV sights come assembled for right hand use but converts easily to left-handed.  They may be specially ordered to be set up for left hand use.



     The stationary mount will fit any bow and has AMO mounting and quiver mounting points.  Made of 40% glass filled nylon it is shock absorbent and indestructible.



     The 3-D All Terrain Sight has all the features of the regular Predator IV plus the ability adjust for ranges out to 70 yards or more and in hilly conditions.  On the ground - Automatic 30 yards plus range extension.  The adjustable range bracket is not plastic but high quality machined and anodized aluminum with nylon washers at the moveable joints. 


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Description: Pin Type: Part #:

 3-D All Terrain

 Starlite pin


 Stationary Mount



 Dovetail Mount



 Stationary Mount

 Starlite pin


 Dovetail Mount

 Starlite pin




The New Starlite pin

     The Starlite pin has 10 inches of .040 Truglo fiber optic filament.  Inch for inch a .040 filament has  more than twice the light collecting surface than the .029.  Most other sights use .029 because archers who shoot competition want a very small pin tip because they are aiming at an inch and half #12 ring on 3-D targets out to 60 yards.  But for hunting conditions that’s not the case.  You want a pin that has the highest visibility in those densely shaded areas you hunt.  You want a pin tip you can see and aim accurately in the lowest light conditions.