Quiver Caddy


      When ever a hunter is in a treestand one of the decisions he is faced with may seem like, not too big of a decision. It is to leave the quiver on the bow or place it on a limb within reach should a second shot be necessary. If it is elected to leave the quiver on the bow he is taking a chance that the larger mass to move around while raising the bow may be detected by an alert deer. Or the added weight will add to fatigue on his arm and risk a less than stable shot. In some instances the hunter has missed a second shot opportunity because the quiver was placed behind him or there was too much movement and it was seen by the deer, or accidental noise was created.

Quiver Caddy



     The QUIVER CADDY is a unique device which allows the quiver to be placed at the most convenient spot - immediately by the hunters right hand (or left hand). It comprises of two simple parts: A tab that fastens on to the edge of the tree stand platform and a receiving bracket that is fastened to the quiver, on the plastic protection pouch. The tab has a hook lip that allows the arrows to be removed without pulling the quiver off the tab. The weight of the quiver and arrows is what keeps the hook lip in action, but by drawing the quiver forward the lip will disengage and the quiver can be lifted off.

PART # 50300


For multiple stands
(two tabs).

PART # 50302

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Quiver Caddy