A personal note from the inventor of the PREDATOR IV, Lou Pomaville

"I can't express adequately to you in words just how letters like these below make me feel. I feel that a part of me is physically with everyone who uses my sight in pursuit of the best the outdoors has to offer. That is why I promise you, the PREDATOR IV is best pendulum sight made and you will get the best possible service should you ever require anything from the factory."


Lou Pomaville


Gary Leppla, Danbury CT

"I am writing this letter to thank you for making this past hunting season such a great success. The PREDATOR IV pendulum sight has made all the difference for me. Previous seasons have brought moderate success and some frustrations. This year was a different story. Five arrows released - five deer harvested, thanks to the PREDATOR. No more thinking - should I hold high or low. Just aim where you want the arrow to hit and let go. It couldn't be easier."

Mike Eglin, Crestview, FL

"Enclosed are pictures of some of my harvests in the last few years taken with your sight. I have used a lot of sights over the years and it is finally nice to call one mine forever. Every single guy I hunt with have all changed over to the Predator IV sight. A better sight has not been made!!"

Robert Simmer

"I purchased a PREDATOR IV sight two years ago to try out. I killed a six point the first year and a four point last year. In the past I have used a Cobra sight and found it didn't shoot accurate all the time. Your sight has never failed me yet, it's just great!"

Paul Bissman
Snow Hill, Md.

      Just wanted to thank you for the great sight.  I finally set it up on my Mathews Drenalin that is set at 70 LB 27.5 in draw.  I'm glad that I bought the peep and tube that matches the sight.  I shoot sub 1in groups at 38 yards on the initial setting.  0 to 38 yards.

      If anyone asks or needs a push to buy the matching peep, forward them my email.  It made a big difference and left no variable for mistakes (besides my shooting ability).

Sincerely,  Paul

Gerry Waldhuber, Grimsby Ontario

Moose and bear hunting guide.

"I found the Predator IV extremely efficient for the type of hunting I have done this past season. For the various terrains I encountered, be it flats, rugged hill downhill or treestands, the sight proved to be extremely accurate. The bear I shot is from the Jelico area, Ontario and weighted in at 702 lbs. Keep up the good work!"

Dana Meiners, Sterling IL

"I have been bowhunting for twelve years and never took a deer. I had plenty of shots but the guess work of what pin to use and the yardage wasn't easy for me. A friend purchased your PREDATOR IV and it really improved his shooting. So, half way through the season I got a PREDATOR IV to but I didn't have and opportunity for a shot. But this season, so far, I've taken three deer and its only three and a half weeks into the season. One was shot from the ground, Boy!! What a season, THANKS."

Update 11/12/03

Enclosed is a picture of my first buck with a rack in my many years of hunting - thanks to the Predator IV sight. It was a perfect heart shot and it ran 35 to 40 yards. I also shot a coyote 15 yards from my treestand. The accuracy is truly amazing.


Kyle Randall, Big Rapids, MI

Kyle Randall is the host of "Wilderness Journal", a weekly outdoor show shown on many public broadcasting channels. "I've used many a sight in my days; I have been bowhunting since I was a kid. Your sight is the most accurate and quietest pendulum sight of them all.
It's just great!"

Tom Anderson, Belleville, IL

"In all my bowhunting years I've used every pendulum sight made. The Predator IV by far is the quietest most accurate and most reliable pendulum sight I've ever used. It doesn't matter how high I go in the stand it's still dead on. I am going to tell every one I know about it, it's the greatest thing to come along since compound bows!"

Kelly Sipple, New Holstein WI

"I purchased my Predator IV sight seven years ago and I have taken 6 bucks, - one each year in a row.  (4/8 pointers, 1 / 9 pointer and this 13 pointer)  This buck was taken in late October of Wisconsin season 2000. He scored 151pts...”

"I have never felt so comfortable about taking shots that I may have passed up in the past before the Predator IV. I mark off my 40 yard range and anything within that zone is attainable. No more guessing the distance and thinking about which pin to use."

Scott Custer, Milford MI.

"I just came back from a hunt in Canada with your PREDATOR IV mounted on my bow. I had several bears within range but no opportunities for a shot. However, I wanted you to know how pleased I am with your sight. In practice, it performed flawlessly. I was especially impressed with how well it stood out in low light, even without the light turned on and it has a clear uncluttered field of view. This is the third pendulum sight I have had in the past and yours is far superior and it cost less than the others. Good luck with this fine product."

SFC Daniel E. Balfrey, US Army

"I have been bowhunting for about 7 years and have harvested a number of deer. The problem is I have missed a number of deer also. I either judge the range to the deer too far or not far enough. I purchased a PREDATOR IV sight last year and can honestly say I have not missed a deer using it. I just harvested the two largest deer of my lifetime. (December 2000) The sight is great! It takes all the range estimation out of the equation. With my arrow speed I am dead on from 0 yards out to 41 yards. Using this sight is kind of like using the mouse on my computer, just "point and click", or in this case, aim and release. The two bucks (pictured above) were close shots - 8 yards and 13 yards. But I previously took an eight point in November at 35 yards - "just point and click". Thanks for helping my bowhunting."

Mike Moffatt, Ocala FL.

"This PREDATOR IV sight is without a doubt the best pendulum sight on the market. Believe me, I have used them all."

Gary Strawsburg, Lewisburg OH

"I have been hunting with fixed pins for 15 years and have recently switched to your Predator IV pendulum sight. I am truly re-born. This technology has completely changed my hunting for the best. In January 02 I thought I'd do some late season hunting. The temperature was 24 degree with 10 mph SSW with gusts. I got this 10 point which net scored out at 164 0/8 Pope & Young. I placed the pin behind the shoulder at 30 yards and the arrow was dead on. Boy, what a way to start out to re-do my trophy room after my home was destroyed by fire last year."

Duane Van Pamel, Beverly Hills MI

"I have been using your sight for more than three years and have never used anything so accurate!! I entertain myself (and friends) by consistently shooting my decoy in the eye from my elevated deck. Thanks for a great product."

Update: 11/11/03
"I've praised your product before, but this one is just too good. October 12th, 2003 I arrowed a doe at 37 yards with a double lung and heart shot. Man what sight!!"

Scott Stirling , Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"We get a ton of product here at The Bow Zone for testing purposes and very few of them make it in the review section. We have tested a lot of products and have reported only on the ones that make the grade. Predator Products does exactly that. I found the set-up to be fairly easy (as long as you follow the instructions) and after the set-up the sight did exactly what Lou claimed it would. The ranges in distance did not change the accuracy of the sight, and neither did the lay of the land. The service from Predator Products was fantastic and any questions that I had, Lou answered them quickly and accurately!"

"If you don't have one of these...You need to get one! Predator Products has made a fantastic quality product. I will be hunting with The Predator IV Pendulum Sight this year and for a long time to come."

Jamie Jent

" I would like to thank Bow Zone for giving down to earth, honest, informative, real life product recommendations and reviews. I had asked about pendulum sights and was pointed in the direction of the Predator IV, I could have not been happier. The product was everything Bow Zone and the manufacturer said it would be. Thank you Predator Products for a fantastic product"


Larry Walker, Hohenwald TN

"I bought the PREDATOR IV sight last year and really like it. I was able to harvest a 7 point, a 4 point a doe and a coyote. All the shots were form 35 to 40 yards and I know if I had to guess the yardage, I probably would have missed. What a sight - just aim and shoot."

Mike Smith, Early Branch, SC

"Thank you for your Predator IV sight. I am tickled pink with it! It is one of the best investments I have ever made. It has greatly improved my shooting ability. The 8 point is the first buck I harvested with it, boy what a great way to start off. He weighed in at 175 lb. and had a 19 in. spread. It was the buck of my life. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!"

An unidentified e-mail

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your sight. First, I purchased a Montana Black Gold Standmaster - It just did not work! It was only good at the point I sighted it in on and I returned it to the store. Then I purchased a Savage - it did the same thing. It was blowing me away at this point, I certainly sighted them in according to the instructions and they just plain didn't work. So, I went back to my local dealer and purchased your PREDATOR IV, which he recommended in the first place. This baby sighted in like a breeze, ( I still can't figure out how the sweet spot calibration works, but it does) and is accurate as hell on the ground as well as the stand!!! All I need now is to see some deer. You guys are the best!!!"

Jerry Updyke, Johnstown, PA

"It might seem insignificant to most for praising a bow sight for it's reliability, however I feel my situation is unique. I have hunted with a bow for 16 years and have tried every product one can imagine, including Keller pendulum sight. The area I have hunted my entire life is on a hillside. The catch is, the hill is approximately at a 45 degree angle. This allows me to shoot downhill at a nasty angle or uphill which is the same. I have had problems in the past trying to estimate yardage with my fixed pins due to the severity of angles preseason practice from my stand made me question my ability to virtually hit an animal at more than 20 yards."

"All my problems regarding yardage and angles from my stand have been solved thanks to your product. Now I just aim and shoot. Last year I placed a shot of a lifetime. The buck was uphill at 32 yards. My only shot was through a shooting lane as circular as a hockey puck. It would either be a clean miss due to the snow encrusted branches or a vital kill through that small opening. Needless to say the reliability of the sight held true once more.

I will never forget that shot, it was a one in a million shot!"

UPDATE: 2004

It will be 9 years next bow season that I have been using your amazing Predator IV sight. Many technological changes have taken place with the archery equipment during that time. I have since retired my High Country bow, aluminum arrows, and the double prong rest. My setup now consist of a Mathews LX, Gold Tip carbon arrows and a Muzzy Zero Effect Drop Away rest. A huge change compared to my old combination and I love it!

The only thing I haven't changed is my site. I would not even think of putting anything but the Predator IV pendulum. (Although I did upgrade to the 3-D All Terrain now.) I practice every possible shot scenario one could encounter in these hills. Believe me, your sight makes me confident in any situation, any angle, up-hill, down-hill, at 0 yards below my stand and 35 yards away from my stand.

I have harvested nine whitetail deer in that nine years and my biggest a 12 pt. came in 2003 with the 3-D All Terrain sight. The best feature next to it's durability and uncanny accuracy is the ability to calibrate yardage settings well beyond 50 yards. I always wondered how I would handle a shot walking to or from my stand at yardage unfamiliar to me. Now I don't have to wonder, I've practiced and I'm ready. Thanks again.

Lamar Bass, AL

"A few weeks ago several friends and I purchased the PREDATOR IV pendulum sight. During my twenty eight years of bowhunting I have shot virtually every pendulum sight made and the PREDATOR IV is the quietest, most accurate and the most adjustable of all. Having used a Keller pendulum sight for twenty years I have never appreciated the fact that they have never made improvements in their sight in all that time. There is just no comparison between it and yours. Thank you for the best and last sight I will ever have."

Keith Tremblay, Abrams WI


"I just wanted to send you a picture of the largest buck I have ever taken with my bow. Last year I switched to the Predator IV after using the Keller sight for several years. The accuracy of the Keller sight was not nearly as good as the Predator. Sighting in the Predator was simple and easy and accurate from any hunting location. My dad is also using the Predator and Last year he took his first deer with a bow. Thanks for the great product."

Brett Rushton, Savana GA

"I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my PREDATOR IV sight. I purchased it three years ago and a new bow. By following the instructions, I had it sighted in about an hour after installation. To this day, I have not had to make any adjustments to it and have taken 4 out of 5 deer ever shot at with it. The one that I did miss was because I lost my release on the way to the stand and tried to shoot without it! I have and will continue to recommend the PREDATOR IV to every bowhunter I come across."

J.H. Whately, Vicksburg, MS

"This past October I harvested this nice 8 point using your Predator IV sight and I must say the security I felt using your site is overwhelming. For years I used pin sights and judging distances is not one of my strong points. So I often missed. Now since I have been using Predator IV I have harvested five deer in two years including this 265 lb. 8 pt. My confidence level is extremely high now thanks to you. I can hit at any range under 40 yards!! Keep up the good work!"

Bob Crossman, Winthrop MA

"I am not much of a letter writer, but I think your sight is just great. Over the years I have tried; the Montith, ABC Pivotal, Eliminator, Cobra and stationary pins. The PREDATOR IV is the first pendulum sight to do all it says it will do and it does it noise free."

"Thanks for a great product."

The Unicorn Buck

This big buck was taken by Bob Whitlock during the 2000 season in northern Illinois. But, in all honesty it was taken by gun not a bow. However Bob has taken several other trophies with a bow and the Predator IV sight.

Bob Whitlock                

Bob Whitlock, Jamesburg, NJ

"I have been using your sight for 3 years now and have had great success with it. I used Keller sight for about 10 years and could not believe the tremendous difference in the two products. The bigger sight window has really improved my harvest ratio. I am shooting with much more confidence. I definitely think the ability to shoot with your sight from the ground or form a treestand without locking or adjusting anything has made my hunting much more enjoyable. This buck I shot in 98 in Pike County Illinois dressed out at 216 and scored 148 Pope & Young. The range was 35 yards and the arrow hit right where I was aiming. All I did was aim and shoot. I just wanted to say what a great job you did in designing your product."

Tim Gandy, New Jersey

"I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to you for increasing my confidence while out on my stand. My friend Bob Whitlock turned me on to your sight after a dismal beginning of the 2001 archery season. I had a couple of bad encounters leading up to the purchasing of your sight. After making a few bad hits and not filling a tag, Bob encouraged me to try your sight. With a little help from Bob I was amazed how easy it was to set up. Bob made it a little easier on me with his experience in setting up a couple of others with your Predator IV. After about a half an hour or so I was right on the money."

"The following day I harvested a pretty nice 4X4. Couldn't believe the difference switching from pins. A month or so later I harvested another 4X4. Both were takes in Hillsborough township in Somerset county, NJ. Thanks for the help in turning the season around. Confidence is one thing that I am not lacking anymore, thanks to the Predator IV sight."

Cris Bies

"I just want to say thanks for all your help when I called and asked for the updated bracket and fiber optic pin. I have never received that kind of customer support from anyone. I also love the sight and have sold quite a few for you to my friends. I would like to share a quick story with you."

"I shot my first buck of the season on the fourth weekend. I believe it was the windiest day of the fall. In fact I almost climbed down from my stand. About twenty minutes after sunset, I happened to look behind me and caught some movement the swamp. It was a big doe walking very quickly away from me. Then I saw a nice buck trailing her. I grunted real loud with my mouth to stop the buck, but it didn't hear me because of the wind, I guess."

"As I drew my bow I shifted my stance a little and my treestand seat came slamming down. Normally that would scare anything within 200 yards away. However, since it was so windy, the buck stopped only to look around. All of this happened very quickly but it gave me the chance to put the pin on him and shoot through the only window I had near him."

"The reason I am telling you all this is because I didn't have to guess the distance. I was very confident the arrow would find it's mark if the buck just stopped. I could give you quite a few stories like that because most of the bucks I've shot with the PREDATOR have been quick decisions. It's very rare that a deer walks in and stands broad side to you for 30 seconds like a target. Also, I have tried all the pendulum sights on the market (to my knowledge) and yours is without question the easiest to sight in and the quietest, (very important).

Thank you again and let me know of any new products you come out with."

The McGraws, Origon WI

I purchased a Predator IV three years ago after the sight that was on my bow came loose and was lost in the woods. But that was the best thing to happen to me!! My husband had been using your sight and always said to me, "We should get you one too."

"Since then I haven't missed a shot! No more guessing which pin to use or how far out the deer is. I have total confidence in the sight with the ability to put the pin on the deer and shoot. Many people say to me, "Boy, what good luck bow hunting you have." I just smile and give the Predator IV most of the credit."

Mark Seeley, Union Grove WI.

"I have been using your Predator IV sight since the fall of 99. Since then I have not missed a killing shot on any animal. Before switching to the Predator IV sight my track record was not too impressive. Since then, I have taken 2 bucks and 4 does from treestands and 3 turkeys shot from the ground.



My Predator IV has worked extraordinarily well on three different bows. Shooting from the air or ground the sight has performed equally well. I chose the predator IV because of it's apparent high quality, precision adjustability and reasonable price. After using dozens of other sights, I have finally found the one I will stay with and I will recommend it to any serious bowhunter."


Jared Freitag

I have harvested three nice deer in the last in the last three years with your sight the Predator IV a six pt. scored 135 P&Y, 23 & 3/4" inside spread. He is the biggest six point I have ever seen anywhere. Last year I took a doe late in the season and this year on Thanksgiving morning a nice 11 point buck that green scored 147 & 7/8 points P&Y. My biggest buck ever! I should also let you know that my dad, uncle and a good friend also use your sight and we all love it.


James J. Young (Mountain Man)


After 40 years of bowhunting I finally found the sight that consistently works for me and I wouldn’t use anything else.?

Thanks for a great sight.


Doug Sorenson


"I just wanted to tell you how muck I like my Predator IV lighted sight. I bowhunt deer on steep hilly terrain and the pendulum sight takes the guess work out of yardage and hill incline. Last fall I went to Canada on a moose hunt and needless to say, the sight works equally as well on the ground."

Don Guier, Bloomington ILL


"Just wanted to let you know that the new Predator IV, 3-D All Terrain sight I purchased this year, (2003) at the Bloomington, IL "Deer Classic", is working excellent. I have shot one straight down at 3 yards, one at 33 yards and this real nice 8 pointer at 17. As you know, I ordered two more for my closest friends just before the season and they are real pleased also."

Rick Hammond - Olpe, KS. Owner - Wildlife Creations Taxidermy

     " For years I shot fixed pins, but in January of 2001, I purchased a Predator IV bowsight. Although I had 3 P&Y bucks on the wall I had to do something different. To my amazement it took only a short time to sight in and I was accurate out to 35 yards. Using it the last two deer seasons, I have taken back to back P&Y 8 pts. It is hard to argue with that kind of success. Thanks for a great product."




     Late this last summer I found a new sight pin in the mail from Predator Products. I was very surprised and pleased. I was anxious to put it on and give it a try. After shooting it I was amazed at the brightness of the new fiber optic pin.
     This November I put the new pin to the test! With 15 minutes of shooting light left and in heavy timber I had this buck come in at 18 yards and gave me a less than desirable quartering toward shot. I could not let this buck go. I took very careful aim and turned my arrow loose. It hit exactly where it was suppose to and the recovery was a short distance from where he was shot. I have now taken five P&Y bucks in the last 6 years and three of them have been shot with your Predator IV sight!
This buck scored 150 P&Y inches and weighed over 300 pounds. Thanks Predator Products.

Jeffery Stephens, Carpentersville ILL.


"Here a couple of bucks I shot using your Predator IV sight. I have used it for several years and it works just great! The big buck with a drop tine scored 160 P&Y and the 8 pt. 128. Thanks for a great sight."

Jim Van Domick, Oconto Falls WI.


"I have used the Predator IV for several years now and it is the very best sight I have ever used. I've hunted for over 30 years with a bow and always used pendulum sights. I have used Keller, Cobra, and Savage and in fact I even made one myself. Then I bought the Predator IV. Awesome results. I have never missed a killing shot with your sight. The buck pictured was taken last Nov., (03), I shot him at the very end of legal shooting hours without turning on the LED. Absolutely everything about your sight is far superior to any other. The combination is just awesome. Thanks for a great product from a company that cares about hunters."


Another Email:

"You are unbelievable Lou!!  I am so very impressed with your service and the way that you take care of your bowhunting friends.  I will make sure to keep spreading the word about your top notch responses and excellence of service.  It is only surpassed by the quality of the Predator IV sight.  I see my picture is still on your website.  With luck, I'll be able to send you some new ones of bigger bucks this year.  I have gotten four more members of my hunting group shooting with Predator sights and they are all very happy hunters."

Thanks, Lou


Alan Pierson , Somonauk, IL


When I started bow hunting fifteen years ago, I had a compound bow with fixed pins.  I thought that was all I would ever need, in fact I would argue that there was no difference between fixed pins and pendulum sights.  Bow was I wrong!  I didn’t realize this until I started getting over fifteen feet off the ground.  I was 18 – 20 feet with my fixed pin and was missing the target all together.  I remember seeing the Predator IV at a Deer Classic

Shows  for many years, so when the show came again I bought one as well as my hunting buddy.  Boy, what a difference!  I love it… in fact I think it’s more important than the bow you’re using.  No more missing shots because of elevation changes.  It helped me bag this nice 10pt. this past year with a green score of 156 2/8.  I will never use fixed pins again.


Thanks for a great product.

Steve Benson, Sterling IL

"I bought your sight several years ago at the deer and turkey classic show in Peoria Il, I was horrible at yardage estimation and missed shots on several nice deer. After purchasing your Predator IV I honestly haven’t missed a killing shot. Because of your sight I put my first deer on the wall last season and shot four others. Right away two friends noticed my new found accuracy and have since purchased the Predator IV also, and love it! One was Dana Miners who wrote you and sent pictures also. There is another friend that wants one in the worst way right now and you will be hearing from him.

Thank you for the Predator IV."

Terry Meiners, Rock Falls IL

"After a buddy purchased your sight his killing shots on deer went to 100%. I was convinced! I just had to have one of your sights. Since then, I have taken numerous deer without having to think of; which pin do I use?. I am dead on from 2 to 35 yards and incidentally this one was taken at 35 yards! If you ever want to hunt Illinois you let me know , I owe you big time."

Mike Andrews, Muskegon MI.

Attached is the picture of my near - all time record elk I took in New Mexico last September.. The bull has a green score of 408 2/8. Chuck Adams North American record is 409 7/8. With the 3-D All Terrain sight I was shooting very accurately at 45 -50 yards in getting ready for the hunt. With the possibility of up hill or down hill shots and longer ranges than normal white tail hunting I new the 3-D A/Terrain should do the trick. I have always loved your sights from when I started with them eight years ago. Thanks for making a great product.

Chad File

I’m not sure if you remember me, but I spoke with you at the Illinois Deer and Turkey Classic a couple of years back. I used to work for Bass Pro Shops as the Archery Department Team Leader. I am now back in college studying mechanical engineering. Anyway, I’ve been using the Predator IV sight since (I believe) 2001. I absolutely love this pendulum. I just wanted to let you know of the success I’ve had while using your product. I have (thus far) taken 8 deer with this sight, two of which are nice bucks. I have attached a few photos of my latest buck (taken in October). He is currently at the taxidermist and I plan to have him officially scored. I estimate he’ll measure in 140’s to 150’s range. I wanted to share this with you because I believe that, if it wasn’t for the confidence that I have in your product, I may have never harvested this buck. Thanks for making such an outstanding sight.

Jim Temple, Muskegon MI

I have been shooting the Predator IV for two years now, with great results. It has taken the guess work out of what pin to shoot with from 0-35 yards. This buck I shot on Saturday (Nov 29th) came in so fast I didn’t have time to think. It allowed me to pull and shoot knowing I would hit were I was aiming. Also with my eye problems the .040 pin has allowed me to hunt without glasses. I have taking 5 Michigan whitetails the past two years. This is a great sight.

Jim Temple


Rob Tessmer, Capac MI

     I put the Predator IV on my bow this year, and I just want to tell you how impressed I am with it! Once I got it dialed in, there were no more worries about yardage anymore. All you have to do is figure out your maximum range, and anything inside of that, just put your pin where you want you arrow to hit, and that’s where it hits. I have told everybody I know that hunts to try this thing out. It is a must for anybody that bow hunts out of a tree, because there are no second guessing yardages, or aiming in between pins.

     I took this doe at 23 yards this year, and with the Predator IV, the target panic or "buck fever" was allot less, because I knew to just put the only pin I had on my bow on the spot, and the arrow would find its way there!! The shots are a lot easier when you have fewer variables for error. Thanks again for developing such a wonderful product.




     "Hey Lou, I had talked to you at the Woods and Water show the other day about the new fiber optic pin for my Predator IV sight.  As you suggested, I am attaching some updated pictures of my hunts with the sight.  Unfortunately, the best shots I have made, I cant find picture's of..  (red squirrel at 17 yards, and coyote at 16 yards)."

Thanks,  Lou

Ryan Beard, Kentucky

"I took this 8pt this year using your Predator IV sight, of course. He is a butte. I've told many of my students and friends how much I like The sight because it so dependable and accurate at any height." Ya. We take turkeys with it too.


"This sight is without a doubt the most proven pendulum and true form for any hunter out there with any kind of bow,  No more missed shots having to guess yardage.  This is my 11th year using this sight and all my hunting buddies now use it..  Thanks to you, Lou."

Brothers Scott & Todd Maupin, Wynet & Prinston ILL

We've been using the Predator IV ever since Don Guier recommended it a couple years ago. We have been really pleased with it's performance and consistent accuracy. And would recommend it for every bow hunter. The high confidence level in using this sight is a big factor in not making stupid mistakes.


John Long, Jacksonville Florida

Attached is a picture of my Kansas buck taken November 1, 2004. Thanks for a great sight. The all terrain feature was indispensable on the hills in N.E. Kansas. The buck scores 151 1/8 gross and weighed 265 live weight. The sight has never let me down. The added feature of total adjustment for distance and a treestand sight all-in-one makes the Predator All Terrain sight the best on the market. Thanks for a great product. John Long Jacksonville Florida. PS My Dad now wants a sight for his bow for Christmas.


Russell Frankhouser

     Shot this beautiful 125" Pennsylvania buck....Thanks to your sight. I underestimated the yardage by at least 10 yards and still shot my best buck yet. This isn't the only deer I've shot with your sight. I have killed at least 12 doe and 8 other bucks.


Tracer from Adrian, Michigan

     I just wanted to let you know that the Predator IV pendulum sight will be the ONLY sight that I shoot from here on out, I am done using the fixed pin sights, this is the best sight money can buy for accuracy and dependability. This sight is dead-nuts on from 0-40 yards!!!  I shot this 160#  8-point at 8 yards on October 13th 2007 using the predator IV sight. Thanks again, .

Kevin J. Gular, Tomah, WI

     I have been bowhunting for about 12 years and have harvested a number of deer and I've missed a number of Deer also.  I'd either judge the range to far or not far enough.  So, I purchased a PREDATOR IV sight on the recommendation from a friend and I'm glad I listened.

     This sight takes all the guess work out.  The only thing you need to know is if the deer is within your bow range and your capabilities.  No longer do I wonder how far that deer is and which pin to use.  I'm good out to 40 yards with no problem, just aim and shoot.

     My 13 year old son is now bowhunting and he is asking when he can get one! 

Thanks for a great product!
Kevin J. Gular, Tomah, WI


Update: Fall 2009*
     I’d like to submit this testimonial for my son, Coty. In my testimonial two years ago I stated, Coty wanted a Predator IV sight, well here are the results.

      I purchased the Predator IV sight for my son as a Christmas gift and here are the results, the shot was roughly 18 yards from a tree stand. He told me after the shot (while grinning ear to ear), he didn’t even need to think about the distance only the placement on the arrow. Needless to say he is hooked on the Predator IV!

Thanks again for a great product!

Cody 2009


Timothy Purcell

     My name is Timothy Purcell and I have been hunting now for 37 years.  For the last 20 years I have used a Pendulum bow sight, but for the last six years I have used the Predator IV.

     It is by far the best quality and the most accurate I have ever used.  Why guess the yardage when all you have to do is pull up your bow and shoot?  It is accurate every time!

     Here is a picture of my 2003 Illinois whitetail which is Illinois's 12th typical archery kill and scored gross 200 and 2/8th net 184 and 1/8th.

Thank you for your product.

Tim Purcell

PS.  My dad, who is 71, uses the Predator IV and loves it too!

Harold (Turtle) Stanelle
Russell Springs, KY

     Attached is a picture of my latest harvest with your awesome sight.

     When a small animal like a coyote comes by at a trot 30 yards out there is only one sight that makes the shot possible, It's your Predator IV!  

     If I had to decide range, and how high to hold above the target I would have never gotten this shot off.  Your sight makes it possible to put the pin on the target and release with confidence!

     Thanks for making the best sight available to hunters!

Terry S. Engstrand
Rochester, IN

Here is a picture of my buck from this year I shot at 25 yards.
     I bought a new Mathews Reezen bow for 2009 and tried to shoot a fixed sight for the first time in 8 yrs. After missing two does early this season I knew it was time go back to a pendulum sight. After spending a lot of time looking and reading on pendulum sights I knew the Predator IV was going to be a very accurate and a quality sight. The price of a range finder and the time it takes to range a monster buck that is standing still is the reason I bought this sight.
     After spending approx. 45 minutes sighting in my - one and only pin, it was dead on - 5 to 40 yards, shooting  from 15-20' stand.  And it was also dead on shooting from the ground from 5-35 yards. With more confidence then ever, I was ready to start the season all over again!
     After a few of my buddies from our hunting team saw how accurate this sight is they no longer question the ability of the Predator IV!

Thank you for your product.

Terry S. Engstrand
Team Whitetail Destruction

Jake Slager

          "Last year I sent you a 140inch that I shot with the Predator, and this year this nice 135 P&Y deer came in to a grunt fast and stopped on a dime at 35 yards, the Predator makes sure that the shot goes where I want it to without having to guess the distance. It is such a great product! I broke the filament  dragging the bow through the beans so I'll be ordering one of those from you, but I could not have made these shots without your product."

"Please accept my most sincere, Thank You!"

 George Karlis
Vernon Hills, Ill.

          The Predator IV pendulum sight IMO is the best Pendulum sight on the market, because it is the most versatile in terms of setup. I can set it up so that it is spot on from 5 yards out to the Max range of 30-37 yards, depending on the bow speed/arrow weight. It is absolutely silent and with the new starlight pin, it's very very bright. It is for me a necessity, because of the type of hunting that I do. I'm principally buck hunting highly pressured public land, which in my case means that I have to hunt the thickest of the thick and I have to be up real high and the shots develop very very quickly. I have no room in there for thinking range estimation, so the ability of this pendulum to map out perfectly, without me having to think, is invaluable. It takes a little to set it up, but once it's on, it's on. 22 kills later, nothing touches the Predator IV pendulum for treestand hunting.  Thanks Lou

Jim Davis

          My Predator IV Pendulum Sight was suggested to me by a friend long ago when I moved to Michigan from the great state of Pennsylvania. I have taken many deer and other game with such success my hunting buddies would go so far as to hide my arrows at hunting camp!
          I haven't really sat down and thought about how much I appreciated your sight until now!   I recently had my bow slip from my lowering line and drop to the ground  ... a normal drop would not have damaged it but a large rock and the height from which it fell ended my sights hunting career.
          I was just pricing a new Predator IV and came across your web sight. Reading the testimonials is what made me really think back on all my success since the purchase of your sight! I will at some point before spring be getting a new Predator IV and will continue to sing it's praises.

Thanks for another tool to my hunting success.



Nancy Jo Partridge
Rockford Michigan  Sept 2010

      In 2005, a good friend of mine told me about the Predator IV sight and said he believed it would make me more accurate and therefore more successful in the field.  I took his advice and contacted Lou and he set my bow up with the PredatorIV sight and I have been successful every year since.  I have taken a 5 point, two 6 points and this 7 point.  I would recommend this sight to anyone.  Thank you Lou!   I can't wait for my son to try his new sight you put on last week for this years season.

Editor Note:  Nancy is a ardent deer hunter.  She is a small woman with a 26 inch draw, 38 pound pull on her bow and shoots at a very slow 188fps.  Yet she is accurate to 28 yards.



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